Trollbeads Northern Lights Magic and 2018 Autumn Collection

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Trollbeads Official, Trollbeads NYC Concept Store, or Blooming Boutique Beads. 

This year’s People’s Bead Winner is the “Northern Lights Magic” bead designed by Linda Kucina.

Over the polar circle, Northern light plays in the night sky. Pale silvery greens and violets dancing over the satin blue Milky Way. Magical and unforgettable, symbolizing the enchanting power of nature.

Linda Kucina had the following to say about her winning design:

“I have a bucket list of dreams and goals and seeing the Northern lights was on the list. Last September, I went to Tromsø in Norway together with my friend, and luckily we saw very beautiful dancing Auroras two nights in a row. I made a lot of photos, but the camera sees the lights differently from the human eye, so the photos did not really show what we saw.”

“I wanted to encapsulate my memories into something tangible, but representing the colours closer to reality, so I did several acrylic paintings of the lights playing in the sky over Tromsø. When this year’s People’s Bead contest was announced, I cropped one of my paintings to a bead shape and decided to participate just to tell myself that I have done all I could do to get the bead I wished for.”

Trollbeads Official – Stock Photo
Trollbeads Official – Stock Photo
Trollbeads Official – Stock Photo

It’s a multicolored faceted glass bead which retails at $55 USD.

Based on the live images from retailers, it appears as if the variation is quite high from bead to bead.

Some of them are quite green, some more blue, some are brighter, some are darker, and as per usual with these handmade beads, there are size variations in height and width.

If you have a preference, I would highly recommend shopping from a live image/video.

For example, Blooming Boutique Beads has several batches up for sale online and you can see the differences from these 3 listings alone.

Blooming Boutique Beads – Online Store Listing Photo
Blooming Boutique Beads – Online Store Listing Photo
Blooming Boutique Beads – Online Store Listing Photo

I made plans to visit our local concept store, Trollbeads NYC, with my partner-in-crime, Karyn (

This is what I wore to the store. I was going with a Night Sky concept.

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#TGIF On my way to #TrollbeadsNYC 💙

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There were tons of new Classic Core and Jumbo Unique beads to look at.


Without further ado, here is the Northern Lights Magic bead.


At the store, I met Min who is a passionate new collector.

She purchased 4 of them for her in-progress bracelet.

She graciously allowed me to photograph her bracelet for the purposes of sharing with you!

This is Min’s bracelet. Isn’t it gorgeous?

As for myself, I brought some beads from home to compare and contrast.


Ultimately, I decided not to purchase Northern Lights Magic because I couldn’t see how to make it work with my current collection.

But that’s doesn’t mean we went home empty-handed…

Karyn and I both adopted a Round Chalcedony Bead from the “25% off Retired” offerings.

Karyn also picked up a LOVELY deep red bead with silvery patterns from the 25% off Retired Stock. The colors are so lush and I adore it! She chose a great one.


I used my full Points Card (in-store only) to redeem a glittery blue/white Unique Bead.


So that makes two round Chalcedony and one Faceted Chalcedony…

(I think 3 should be enough for my tiny wrist…)

I was inspired by this image from Trollbeads Hong Kong.

(I’m totally blaming this recent acquisition on Trollbeads Hong Kong.)

We were also treated to a live preview of the 2018 Autumn Collection.

Do check out Martha’s blog post for a full preview of the collection.

She also has a video on YouTube:

I felt this “Festival” bead was very aptly named.


Here is one of the new hair accessory concepts with 4 new pieces as decorations.


This upcoming collection will be available for sale on September 14th, 2018.

Last year’s 2017 Autumn’s Collection was amazing.

As a result, I can’t help but feel that this year’s Autumn Collection is underwhelming.

Perhaps there will be something really amazing for this Winter.

(Last year’s Wishful Sky starter bracelet had my heart all aflutter for months. I didn’t NEED another bracelet but I absolutely needed that blue bead so they had me hook, line, and sinker.)

 I hope you enjoyed another in-store experience with Karyn and me!

Have a nice weekend everybody!







12 thoughts on “Trollbeads Northern Lights Magic and 2018 Autumn Collection

  1. I always love your shopping trip posts, April and thanks for the links. I think your choice to buy another Chalcedony was really smart, as it will go with so many other beads. It also looks very elegant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Charmbead! I wish I could have joined you and Karyn to see your pretty purchases in person. As usual, your photos are great and commentary spot on. I wondered about the people’s bead as compared to Wishful Sky and seeing it on Min’s lovely bracelet is very helpful. My smooth chalcedony was a present from a wonderful bead friend; seeing your elegant bangle reminded me how really pretty that stone is! Thank you for sharing your visit to the NY store.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dona! Thanks for your kind comments. I do hope you will be available for our next shopping trip. Yes, the smooth chalcedony was my first Trollbeads stone and it is still my favorite!


  3. Thanks for sharing April, taking some of your own beads along to compare is a great idea.

    Yes I agree that you need to see the Northern Lights in person, so I’m happy to wait.

    As it happens I now have two smooth chalcedony stones, and actually you were the person who inspired my purchases
    🤣🤣 👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Marisa! Thank you for reading.

      I hope you’re able to find the perfect Northern Lights Magic bead for your collection. (I’m able to appreciate the thought and artistry behind it even though I decided it’s not for me.)

      What can I say about Smooth Chalcedony… 😂😂😂 I’m glad you have them and are enjoying them!

      Have a lovely day!


  4. Greetings there!

    Thought I would leave a comment since I am here browsing (like a ninja~)!

    I am unsure how I feel about the Fall Collection though I am drawn to the Quiet Landscape bead for its blue/green tones. Unsure how to incorporate it into my bracelet due to the contrast of super dark to super bright colors. Am I the only one whose anticipating the Winter/Holiday release already? Heck, I am more excited for next Summer collection and that is a long ways off!

    The Northern Lights Magic bead feels so different when I finally was able to take it home with me. It has that multidimensional feel. Your photo of the beads looked so different compared to when I saw them and I had spent a good 6 hours with those beads when I was picking out my four. Wonderful photo!

    I know what you mean about the Wishful Sky bead. It is so pretty especially when one loves blue! It got me hooked love at first sight. Even though I was a late (new) collector, I was lucky enough to nab one. As you know, I definitely love it enough to invest in four sets of the starter bracelets.

    I really like the Chalcedony under certain lighting. They give off this magical glow. Sometimes it just feels a bit dull in other lights which makes me question if I do actually like the bead. That glow in that faceted Chalcedony – LOVE! Now that you revealed your inspiration photo for your own Chalcedony bracelet, I am itching to work on something like the photo that is similar to my Wishful Sky bracelet pictured above! That is going to end up to be one long project if I do act upon that thought – Eheheh… (nervous laugh)

    I am usually self reserved in my little corner but it was great meeting you in the store! It made me feel exhilarated than I am not the only one who likes to browse at everything and be picky for that perfect bead to add into a collection or bracelet. 😀

    Think I blabbered too much. :X
    Wishing for the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Min, thanks for reading! 😄

      It was nice to meet you at the store and thank you again for allowing me to photograph your bracelet.

      So far, I know that we have two things in common – we both are picky about our beads and we love Pusheen. 😊

      Yes, I am also looking forward to the Winter Collection. Trollbeads (and other brands) also host great sales and promotions for the holidays and end of the year. That’s usually when I do the bulk of my shopping and crossing off items from my wishlist.

      Thank you for the kind comments of my photo! Even though I decided not to buy a Northern Lights Magic for my collection, I can certainly appreciate it!

      Chalcedony is among my favorite stones. The faceted cut does give it a glow but the round ones remind me of smooth and perfect eggs. (I may branch into Sapphires one day but they are quite pricey.)

      I started collecting charm beads and bracelets in 2015, so I don’t consider you to be a late collector at all! And you already have acquired many beautiful pieces.

      Looking forward to meeting you again! 😊


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