Review: True Beadz – True Julz #9

On June 15th, True Beadz listed some unusual pieces for sale on Instagram.

These pieces do not appear in the main True Beadz line.
In total there were 2 dangles and 11 beads – and unsurprisingly they were all sold.

Julia (co-owner of True Beadz) named these unusual pieces “True Julz” which I suspect is a pun on her name and also an apt description for these art pieces.

Photo from @TrueBeadz Instagram
Photo from @TrueBeadz Instagram
Photo from @TrueBeadz Instagram
Photo from @TrueBeadz Instagram

They were sold as first come, first served.

  • The dangles were listed as $45 each.
  • The beads were listed as $37 each.
  • The shipping and handling fee was $6.

I purchased #9, a deep blue bead with waves in it.

My friend Karyn (@kay_bead) purchased #6, a mysterious bead with white, purple and blue.

20170628_144603 a

They arrived today on June 28th. Karyn and I were looking forward to these mystery beads! Opening the package with the wax seal is always a treat and Julia included some Russian candy.

20170628_144742 a20170628_144803 a20170628_145205 a20170628_162740 a20170628_162804 a20170628_162821 a20170628_162910 a20170628_162934 a20170628_164034 a

I’ve sandwiched it here between some artisan beads.
1. Atelier Anne Meiborg – Amazonite
2. True Beadz – True Julz #9
3. Summersday Beads – Sky

20170628_164342 a

This is a family photo (an updated lineup) of my True Beadz collection.


I’m really looking forward to the next listing of True Julz!

I wonder what unusual pieces will emerge next from the True Beadz studio. 




6 thoughts on “Review: True Beadz – True Julz #9

  1. What beauties! I was lucky enough to snag a couple myself (#2 and the white/purple dangle). I can’t wait to see them. The post office actually tried to deliver the package today, but no one was home. So I’ll have to swing by the post office tomorrow first thing. Can’t wait!

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