Review: Summersday Beads – “Sky”

Summersday Beads is based in Germany. Birgit Landgraf is the glass artist.
A friend let me know about this brand and I’ve have been a fan ever since.

Summersday Beads offers a variety of beautiful glass beads in different styles and colors, fantasy necklaces and safety chains which are all Trollbeads compatible. 

All of the pieces in her shop are individually listed and photographed – and they go fast! That’s why when my eyes latched on this “Sky” glass bead, I purchased it as soon as possible.

Summersday Beads Individual Product Listing Photo

Glass bead ca. 14.5 mm – Sky

  • Small hole: 3.8 mm (fits on Trollbeads)
  • Fully lined with sterling silver.

Affordable price!

The bead was 13 Euro and shipping costs from Germany to the USA was 4 Euro.
The total cost was 17 Euro (or $19.82 USD).

Speedy delivery!

I was pleasantly surprised to have received my purchase in a mere 8 days.

Beautiful in person!

“Sky” is beautiful in person from all of its different angles.
The product photos were accurate to color!


Here it is on a Trollbeads silver bangle.


Here is “Sky” flanked by a Trollbeads Chalcedony and an Atelier Anne Meiborg Amazonite.


I arranged a bracelet to wear tomorrow.


Here are my thoughts:

  • I love the nature inspired colors in this bead.
    “Sky” is a perfect transition between green and blue.
  • The small silver balls suspended in the glass sparkle beautifully.
  • I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more Summersday Beads.

After a very long period of cold and cooler weather, it’s become so hot lately (97F/36C).
I’m hoping that this Summersday bead will keep me feeling refreshed.

Here are the links:

Summersday Beads Online Shop
– Summersday Beads Instagram



9 thoughts on “Review: Summersday Beads – “Sky”

  1. What a lovely bead! I love how delicate the colours are. I have 3 Summersday beads now and the quality is superb, in my opinion! I saw some of Sarah’s today at lunch and they are just so beautiful in person. I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it tomorrow!

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  2. Yes, the quality is great! I’m very satisfied with this bead and can see lots of combinations in the future. While some collectors may be hesitant to stray from large brands (tried and true names), with small studios, I like that I can support the glass artists directly. 😄

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  3. I adore Birgit’s beads and this one is so pretty. I wrote a short blog on her work and my Summersday beads, too. It can be very exciting and stressful buying when she posts new beads on her site, as they are all bought within minutes of appearing, but once you own her exquisite work, you understand why!
    I am delighted to see that it was you who bought the “Sky” bead and you have styled it beautifully.

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