What is X Jewellery?

In 2013, Trollbeads launched a sister modular bracelet concept called X by Trollbeads.

In late 2014, X by Trollbeads was re-branded as X Jewellery and is now considered separate from Trollbeads.

X Jewellery describes itself as “a Danish contemporary fashion jewellery brand founded in 2013. We offer high quality jewellery in sterling silver, bronze and rubber at affordable prices. Our strength is found in a composable concept – where our customers get the possibility to create, change and re-arrange individual links for their unique bracelet style.”

X Jewellery makes individual links that interlock together to form modern chain bracelets.

They currently offer links in the following three different materials:
– colorful matte rubber single links
– shiny bronze single and double links
– shiny sterling silver silver and double links

My X Jewellery collection is modest but growing.

I started with some black rubber links and a silver lock.
There was a promo last year which included free rubber links with the purchase of a lock.


Then I picked up a Lovers Bond in silver.


I bought this Chinese Zodiac Snake link during the Black Friday sale last year. I love the crystals in its eyes and its cute fangs.

2016-11-28 16.392016-11-28 16.42

Most recently, I purchased some steel blue rubber links.

2017-02-22 10.02a2017-03-23 18.29a20170518_062616IMG_20170531_075936_172a

Here are my thoughts on X Jewellery:

  • I have some metal links (mostly silver) on my wishlist which I will probably pick up during the next big sale as they are kind of pricey to pick up in bulk.
  • It’s chunkier than a charm bracelet and it has its own appeal
  • X Jewellery offers pre-styled bracelets for sale (but to me, the fun is picking out which links to combine with others)
  • The interlocking system is very secure and you don’t need to worry about the links becoming undone during your day

(Promo alert!)

There’s an X Jewellery Starter Campaign at Perlen (Danish multi-brand retailer) which ends tomorrow (May 31).

Only one day left on the X Jewellery Starter Campaign!
Until midnight tomorrow, you still got a chance to buy the X Jewellery Starter Campaign. You get 14 rubber links of your choice, a silver lock, and one of 2 silver links for FREE!

Here are some additional helpful links:

Size guide (inches):

Size guide (cm):

How to clean your links:

Are you an X fan?
What kind of links do you hope they’ll make next?

I’m hoping for more types of knots and abstract shapes.



4 thoughts on “What is X Jewellery?

  1. There aren’t many X Links that I don’t like. My problem is I get caught up with glass beads and will usually prioritize the shiny baubles over the links. I aspire to someday have a collection like Kyungjin’s! 😀

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